Turf And Field Sport Orthotics

Orthotics for cleats and other footwear used in turf sports are unique in their design. Most turf sport footwear is very snug fitting. The inside of the shoe is rarely flat and, although the sock liner may be removable, it is usually quite thin making it difficult to insert anything inside the shoe. Foot orthotics for these types of shoe needs to be very low volume, flexible enough to compliment the shoes, and supportive enough to be effective. The extreme activities often performed in this footwear require the foot orthotic design to be highly durable and reconditionable.

Our sport orthotics for soccer shoes and football cleats are low volume while providing support and control for quick sprints and turns.

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced balance and control
  • Optimized push off power
  • Greater speed, cutting and power


Type: Sport
Shoe Selection: Soccer cleats
Control Option: 2 mm, 3 mm, 3.5 mm
Patient Selection: Soccer players who require moderate to maximum biomechanical control.
Special Features: Cut-to-fit for each soccer cleat with additional vinyl sandwich.