Golf Performance Orthotics

Aimed at providing optimal lower extremity mechanical chain alignment and balance our line of Golf Performance Orthotics will ensure hours of comfort, reduced muscular fatigue and enhanced performance. Orthotic research has shown that after just 6 weeks of use golfers demonstrated the following performance improvements:

  • A 29-36% average increase in pelvic rotation
  • An increase in club head speed of 3-5 mph which translated into 9-15 yards of increased distance
  • Reduced effects of muscular fatigue

It has been supported that the increased performance is a direct response to the increased balance and base of support stability offered by the orthotics. This coupled with the effect on pelvic rotation results in more acceleration in the downswing and more consistent “sweet spot” ball striking.

Using our patented computerized GaitScan evaluative process you will be ensured a top quality performance orthotic designed to take your golf game to a new level.

Performance Details:

  • Cut design for golf shoes
  • 2mm semi-flexible, 3 mm semi-rigid and 3.5 mm rigid control options
  • Green 3mm ETC topcover
  • Sulcus and full length options available